Environment and nature

Dugenta is a small town at the gates of the Sannio, marks the limit of the Telesina Valley and borders with land of work. It is located on the slopes of monte del Taburno and on the edge of the River Volturno, in which flows into the river San Giorgio that passes through the territory.
In this small town, has a vocation purely agricultural, we are seeing many ancient rural buildings said "farms" that testify to the hard work of the farmers to the dependencies of the barons, dukes and allow us to grasp, the customs and the traditions of a condition of life disappeared.
The territory dugentese has many riches to offer to the taste. The fascinating landscape, rich in natural elements and historical, merges into a mosaic of flavors here find their natural place. While the hilly land give to produce excellent wines as Falanghina DOC and Aglianico IGP those plains offer fruit and vegetables among which the famous "annurca apple" defined queen of apples.

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