Typical Products

The territory dugentese has many riches to offer to the taste. A fascinating landscape, rich in natural elements and historical, merges into a mosaic of flavors here find their natural place. Bread, homemade pasta, wine, olive oil, meat, vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses and desserts represent a basket of typical products dugentesi, capable of expressing the identity of the country, its uses and its traditions through their history and production techniques. AT Dugenta, and then, you can enjoy delicacies suitable for every type of palate, expression of a land where the gastronomy is still made of ancient recipes and gestures wise.

Apple Annurca
The annurca apple, for the particular aesthetic characteristics and organoleptic characteristics which strongly suggest the typicality, defined as the "queen of apples". The fruit is small, with an average weight of just over 100 grams. Roundish shape, with epidermis striped with red, has a white flesh firm in texture, sweet and juicy and pleasantly tart and strongly aromatic. IT IS rich in vitamins (B1, B2, PP and (C) and also contains potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, sulfur, cobalt. Claims by always healthy virtues: Highly
nutritive, rich in fiber, and diuretic properties, particularly suitable for children.

in the hilly areas you can admire whole stretches of olive groves, with olive trees also secular.
Olives, being rich in mineral salts, are energy and tonics, tease us the appetite and promote digestion.
The extra virgin olive oil that is produced at Dugenta enjoys an undisputed nutritional value, sensory, both for its chemical composition, which to its organoleptic characteristics.

in the fertile countryside dugentesi grapes are grown for the production of excellent wines as Falanghina after and Aglianico PDO. Falanghina, more or less intense straw yellow color, has a characteristic smell
, slightly fruity, with dry taste, fresh, slightly tart and sometimes lively. THE Aglianico instead, of color more or less intense ruby has a a vinous, pleasing, with dry flavor, intense and sometimes soft.

Buffalo milk
Dugenta is one of the few municipalities in the province of
Benevento in which is product of buffalo's milk Pdo, with which it produces the famous "mozzarella di bufala campana Pdo, one of the main excellence of the entire agricultural sector - Italian food.
The breeding, counts approximately six hundred heads of buffaloes and is located in open countryside, along the banks of the River Volturno.

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