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Places, farming, accommodation buildings, associations and institutions of our small territory together represent a great asset to intercept an increasing tourism to the inland areas. Welcome Dugenta is a young idea for the promotion of Dugenta’s territory. Created to tell the story of our village, promoting the historical landmarks, the traditions, the typical products and the accommodation tourist points in order to give a positive impulse to the local micro company’s daily work. The predominant sector is the agriculture, where the passion for the land and the respect for the ecosystem allows to obtain healthiness products. The steady policy of the short distribution chain enables companies to value their products directly reaching consumers. Restaurants with typical products promoted by companies in the sector is another key aspect that gives value to the products to the territory. The companies with the voluntary sector, are able to provide recreational services, such as guided tours of historical landmarks, characteristic places and company visits. Dugenta is a small reality that is fully included in the standard tourism sector of the inland areas.

Antonio Ciervo
President Forum dei Giovani di Dugenta

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